Golden Earring merchandise now exclusively available at RockArt

It is well known that the Golden Earring forms an important part of Museum RockArt in Hoek van Holland (The Netherlands). We are proud of the Museum’s extensive collection.

From now on, the Museum RockArt Shop is the only place where the official Golden Earring merchandise is sold. Years of friendship with Hans Muijson of Second Live Products, who has been the trusted face at concerts of the Golden Earring for more than 40 years as caretaker of the band and caretaker of the Golden Earring merchandise, has resulted in close cooperation in which Hans.

The official merchandise consisting of, among other things, T-shirts & mouth masks can be ordered online in the RockArt webshop and if the museum is allowed to reopen with the shop, this will of course also be physically available in the shop.

In addition to the sale of merchandise, RockArt is of course also the ideal place to purchase CDs / DVDs and Vinyl from the Golden Earring.

Museum RockArt with the RockArt Shop is located at Zekkenstraat 42 in Hoek van Holland – NL.