Don’t Stop The Show

Year: 2002

The Golden Earring documentary Don’t Stop The Show was the final film on the 19th Dutch Film Festival.
This documentary, a Lagestee Film B.V. production by Rogier van der Ploeg closed the film exhibitions of the 19th Dutch Film Festival on Wednesday 29th September 1999.
On the basis of concert recordings, interviews and archive-fillings a unique image of ’this international famous rock music band’ has been outlined.
Don’t Stop The Show was officially released on September 30, 1999 to be shown in the cinema.

Length of film: 108 minutes
Dolby Digital 5.1
Screen format 16:9

Director: Rogier van der Ploeg
Producer: Martin Lagestee
Productionlead: Iris Hogendijk
Research & Prod. Ass.: Arwen Notermans
Scenario: Rogier van der Ploeg in co-operation with Martin Lagestee and Rene Zwaap
Interviews: Tonko Dop
Camera: Rogier van der Ploeg, Rene van der Eijk, Peter Mariouw Smit, Menno Westendorp,Bert Pot
Sound: Pieter Guyt, Kees de Groot, Frenk van der Sterre, Wouter Stan and Ron Ayers
Music: Golden Earring
Mixing: Danny Rosendahl
Live Music Mixing: Jan Schuurman
Soundfinishing: Meta-sound
Montage: Hans van Dongen and Hans van Helden
Co-production: NPS
Production: Lagestee Film B.V.
Distribution: Shooting Star Filmdistribution

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