Naked III

Year: 2005

  1. Angel
  2. Turn The World Around
  3. Just Like Vince Taylor
  4. I’ve Just Lost Somebody
  5. Sleepwalkin’
  6. Need Her
  7. The Thief
  8. I Need Love
  9. Kill Me (Ce Soir)
  10. Paradise In Distress
  11. Albino Moon
  12. Lost And Found
  13. Hold Me Now
  14. Colourblind
  15. Will & Mercy
  16. No For An Answer
  17. The Last Frontier Hotel
  18. Holy Holy Life

All songs recorded live at the Panama Club in Amsterdam, June 2004.

Audio settings: Dolby digital 5.1
All regions, PAL

Recorded by Jan Schuurman The VanĀ  Studio BV
Mixing and Editing by John Sonneveld
Mastring by Sander van der Heide, Polyhymnia Baarn
Illustration by Henk Schiffmacher
Photo by Rens Plaschek
Design by Miguel Visser,