Joe Walsh/P.Cullie - Stone Rap Music

Blue for the blue, I feel when I'm feelin' down

on the ground, feelin' down that could be most any day

Green for the eyes, take a look around when the sun goes down

and the sun goes down in the strangest way

Red for the light, gotta stop this thing

Find a song to sing that is everything

that I meant to say, meant to say

Pray for the eyes that are blind like the world

never see the good, that is done to the bad

It's too late to see

Two of us make it easier, to read the signs

memorize the lines, you play with me

One for the road, I'll be on my way

Come another day, when the things we say

find a way to be, way to be

Autumn calls for a change of year, bringin' winter near us

Greens are brown and disguise a sign

Wintertime is a razorblade that the devil made

It's a price we pay for the summertime

Spring days come, it's hard to know

where the rain comes from, where the children go

It's a nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme