Enough Is Enough

G.Kooymans/B.Hay - Volksmusic/Nada Music

Well, it's long ago, I ran into you

A pair of lonely eyes and a pair of broken hearted shoes

and then the other night, you were as cold as snow

You kept your blue jeans on and I never heard you leavin' the room

Woke up half past noon, I was alone in bed

I could still smell your perfume

Drifting through the smoke signals of your black cigarettes

You gotta hold on me, straight to the bedroom

when my nerves went cracking down in my knees

Enough, enough is enough

If it's love, nothing's tougher than love

Written on my shaving mirror, in lipstick blood colour

Amigo, leave it alone. You gotta leave it alone

Pick up the telephone, start investigating

You know that Cuban girl, with the Castro impersonation

I've been checking around, with the revolutionary

All I have is a mirror with a message and a memory

You'll never understand, what comes over me

When I read the lines, written on the face I see

Tell her please,

if it's love, I wanna know where she hides that love

Enough, is never enough

Nothing can stop me now

No one can stop me now

I can't leave it alone, I can't leave it alone

I can't leave it alone, I can't leave it alone

No, no, no