I kmow nightlife’s expensive price
is a dream you can’t afford
Me I’m your satellite, your tresure island
in the ocean

Identical, Identical

Going after your crazy fun-gun
I’ve been there and I’ve seen it
And it sure it hurts like sacrifice
Saying goodbye ain’t easy
You got a shoulder, got a shoulder
for the tears you’re crying

Shoulder to shoulder
to depend on never lying
Ropeladder twistin’ a b c d n a
Bloodbrother daughter
You & me identical

Drivin’ and the streets are looking nice
Close enough to believe in wondrin’ why
Around the corner from paradise
Once bitten, two times shy
And when I hold her, when I hold her
when I hold her in grip to paralyze
She says Daddy it’s my time to rock & roll the dice

Identical, Identical