In A Bad Mood

G.Kooymans/B.Hay - Bouncin' Balls Music

I believe I'm in a bad mood girl

And I hope it won't last too long

Last time I had a bad mood girl

Everything turned out wrong

I'm living in a bad mood world

The heart's bleeding, don't it make you cry

Are you listening to the sad news, girl

It's about another mixed-up messed-up guy

He's goin' through a bad dream, girl

He's sleepin' with his eyes open wide

He's livin' in a bad mood world

He's livin' and he don't know why

Sometimes I don't know what to do

I just wish I could fly, yeah

I can't give it up 'till I had enough

I wanna see the truth in your eyes

Sometimes I'm tired of livin'

I can't give it up before I live it up

Fall in love for the rest of my life

Sometimes I'm tired of livin'

Sure as hell ain't ready to die

You give my heart such a hard time inside

Like a passenger on a roller-coaster ride

Through the cold moonlight

Just show me where the good time's rolling

Lemme eat a slice of that pie

Show me where they go out moon-beaming

And I shoot 'em all from the sky