Wake up in the morning, glad to be alive

My heart's on fire and I'm shaking

All I want is a little peace and quiet

Stop me from going crazy yeah

Stumble to the kitchen

Flashin' back on last night

Gotta get to work, I'll never make it

I was hungry for action

I saw her standing there

Looking like a bomb in a basement, Yeah

She said: Hey there stranger, wanna walk into my life?

Treat a woman right, get in on tonight

Do you want to?

And I want and I want you to give it

Give it all you got, give it all it takes

Give it all you got and don't fake it

Anything you want, I never get enough

Give it all you got

And Joe you better stop all you're thinkin'

Stop thinking 'bout tomorrow tonight

Joe, you better stop all your dying 

Stop dying to get home alive

Faster than a bullet, hotter than a gun

Like a shootin' star, I've been chasin'

I was ripping off her jacket, magic in my hands

She told me to relax and embrace her, Yeah

She said: Cool it little sinner

Got a big appetite, treat a woman right

Never get enough of your never ending love