Long Blond Animal

G.Kooymans/B.Hay - Nada-G.E.Music

Get out of my parlour, won't you

Get out of my life

Put on that crazy raincoat

You're gonna need it tonight

Get out of my parlour

For I cut you with a knife

Don't want your disease

Don't need your silly jive

I was an innocent by-stander

I was middle of the roadman for you

Then you took me for a ride, now baby

Showed me all the things you could do

I always listen to the good looking lady

A mistake I won't make no more

'Cause you might be a good-looking lady

You're rotten to the core

I've been under your influence

Under your spell too long

Now people keep me at a distance

Everything I do is wrong

My brain's disintegrating

Devil's singing my song

This cannot continue

This cannot go on

You're nothing but a long blond animal